Welcome to The Project Booth

Meet Layne Booth, Owner & Chief Profit Hunter for Small Businesses


The Good, bad and the ugly...

  1. Metrics are important, but which ones?

  2. Backlogs are stressful and costly

  3. Delayed shipments are painful

  4. Unpredictable growth is frustrating

  5. Software pieced together is a time-suck

  6. Driving blind is disturbing

but it doesn't have to be that way!

We can show you how to:

Confidently scale for growth with vital metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to give you an instant snapshot of the health of your business.

Uncover untapped opportunities for more profit by identifying gaps, streamlining work flows, and capitalizing on sales & profits.

Better serve your customers and clients, strengthen your brand reputation, reclaim your time, and bring focus to what’s most important in your business.

Which all leads back to building a more profitable business, with less overwhelm!

As the sign says..."I Love Your Work"!

As the sign says..."I Love Your Work"!

How I work with clients

Together we map out where your business is today, what’s not working, and set realistic and exciting growth goals...with the exact plan to achieve them.

  1. Based on my experience as an industrial engineer and operations guru, we figure out what pieces of your business need to be monitored so you can make your growth and revenue goals happen in the next 12 month horizon.

  2. We’ll help you draw out what metrics you’ll want to take action on, and where to easily access them.

  3. Once you have your plan, we work in the background to help pull the numbers, and have you set up in 30 to 60 days (depending on the project), so you never have to worry about cumbersome spreadsheets, incomplete information, and wasting precious CEO time again.

  4. Your business will easily scale because you now know exactly what makes your business grow, how to maximize your team, when and what to order so that you stop fretting over delays or under-stocked shelves -- and best of all, it never required you to leave your zone of genius.


Psst…Product Bosses, we have a special Masterclass just for you!


What Can I Do For You?

Hi!  I'm Layne Booth, Chief Profit Hunter at The Project Booth: A growth and opportunity agent for small business owners that are passionate about their product or service, but find operations are starting to get more complicated due to accelerated growth.

I've witnessed business owners have incredible energy and focus for what they do, but seem like they don't have time to stop, and may feel like they are drowning in doing "all the things."

The Project Booth brings owners afloat by strategically planning operations so that they can reclaim their time to focus on their business, confidently fulfill orders, and capitalize on sales & profits.

With my background as an industrial engineer, I have over a decade of experience in manufacturing, supply chain, and sales and marketing companies. And, I've spent significant time in the trenches, learning best practices in both process management and operations excellence.

My heart is to help successful growth-minded business owners eliminate overwhelm by bringing clarity to help with teams, capacity and products. What I offer is more than just a strategy or an expert telling you what to do and leaving you to sort out the details.

Once we work together to create the best path for your business to hit its revenue and growth goals, I come alongside as a team member to implement, test and trial the plan to get it working for you and your business.

I'd love to help your business successfully scale with less stress!