Operations systematized, simplified, and ready to scale for small businesses.


When it comes to the day to day needs of running a business, small business owners can feel the complexity and uncertainty overtaking their decisions as they grow to new levels.

The Project Booth offers business consulting and services to bring clarity and simplification in daily operations so owners can confidently manage incredible growth. 



If you were CEO of your business, would you fire you?  

Do you run streamlined operations that are well executed and ensure profitability?  

Are you minimizing risk while also seizing new opportunities?  


Are you suffering from backlogs, late shipments, missing sales?  

Buried in emails, unsure of which projects or tasks to tackle next, constantly fire-fighting the urgent and not the important?


If this is you, let's not fire anyone just yet.

Especially since it's your amazing business that you love with a passion!

CEO's have clarity in their systems, demand high performance, and execute their vision with confidence.

You can too.  

You simply need solutions to help you get there, and the training and support to empower.


A Story of Candles on FIRE!

As a small business owner for the past 12 years, my #1 challenge has been scaling my business for the current season it was in. What started as a hobby grew into a side business and has now become my full time job. Each step of the journey brought its own set of frustrating challenges that I always tried to tackle alone.

Layne and The Project Booth have been a tremendous asset to the growth of my business. She has been able to come along side us, identify our needs, learn our processes, and help guide us in the right direction of streamlining our business and operating more efficiently. From helping us forecast sales to strategically planning for inventory production to developing cost saving processes for supply ordering, Layne has been a lifesaver when it comes to helping us scale every aspect of our business.

Layne has been extremely professional and easy to work with throughout the entire process! Her clear communication from her easy to use scheduling system to follow ups after each call have made my life as a business owner much easier! We highly recommend The Project Booth as an invaluable resource for growing your small business!
— Callie Altman Owner, North Mountain Candle Co.
Callie Altman, Owner North Mountain Candle Co.

Callie Altman, Owner

North Mountain Candle Co.



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